London Curling Club
London Curling Club
London Curling Club


Whether you are brand new to the sport or an experienced curler from another club, there is likely a lot to learn about club operations and protocols. The following information is intended to provide you with a brief overview and orientation to the club.

  1. I have signed up for a league. Will I be contacted prior to my first game? What are some basics I should know about how the leagues operate?

  2. How do I get a club nametag?

  3. Where can I get additional instruction?

  4. How do I obtain a locker?

  5. Where can I obtain curling equipment or clothing?

  6. Can I register or spare in more than one league?

  7. In some clubs, the rock is set out for the next curler. Why don't we do this at the LCC?

  8. Our ice surface looks narrower. Am I imagining this?

  9. How can I keep current with club activities, events and bonspiels?

  10. What is all the fuss about clean ice?

  11. Why are there signs about parking lot security at the club?

  12. I am a member. How do I change my email address, password or other personal information?

  13. Where can I find information about rules of the sport and other related information?

  14. How else can I get involved at the club?