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The following is a listing of London Curling Club members who have been honoured with a Life Membership, which is awarded to a longtime and outstanding member who has made a significant contribution to the club. The criteria includes exceptional leadership, commitment to a specific program or an exceptional contribution as a volunteer.

1967 C. Roy Brooks
1968 Austin McLeish & Lorne Lickman
1969 Dr. Harold Taylor & K.S. King
1970 Harry Sifton
1971 Dr. Fred Luney
1974 R.E. Sumner
1975 Russ Miller & Ernie Jackson
1999 Butch Teasdale, Murray Chalmers & Rita Lobaskie
2000 Rex Bishop
2001 Frank Clute
2008 Bill Easton & Jack Phillips
2020 Fay Weiler