London Curling Club
London Curling Club
London Curling Club


Women's Daytime Social Women Weekdays Daytime Jan Murray
Men's Daytime Social Men Weekdays Daytime Michael Leisinger
Winexpert Men Monday Afternoon Stan Smith
Miller Men Monday Evening Derek McClary
Thompson Social Mixed Tuesday Evening Kerry Traynor/ Randy Coleman
Learn to Curl Mixed Tuesday Evening Dan Neeb/ Melissa Neeb
Tuesday Evening Mixed Mixed Tuesday Evening Peter Fewster
Wednesday Mixed Social Mixed Wednesday Afternoon Darlene ten Haaf
Wednesday Open Teams Mixed Wednesday Evening Stan Smith
Rolling Stones Men Wednesday Evening Kirk George
Teasdale Men Thursday Afternoon Ron McLennan / Bob Kerwin
Sweeney Men Thursday Evening Don Whitred
Business Women Women Thursday Evening Marylu Fulkerson
WDS Teams Women Friday Morning Pat Bell
Friday Mixed Mixed Friday Evening Dawn Lewis
Thames Valley Men Sunday Morning Mike Ernewein / Mike Ramsay
Little Rocks Ages 9 to 12 Sunday Noon Heather/Scott Bugler
Bantam / Junior Ages 13 to 18 Sunday Afternoon Jennifer Cuddie / Tony Francolini
Western Mixed Mixed Sunday Afternoon David Ferguson
Sunday Mixed Mixed Sunday Evening Nancy King