SUMMARY (London Curling Club)

  • This year, for the first time ever, LCC will install "Five Regulation Size" sheets of ice with added space between sheets and special markings to encourage social distancing.
  • We will be allowing 1 hour between draws which limits play to 5 draws per day. As a result, some leagues have had to move to different days, all leagues will have reduced capacity and new opportunities to curl have been added to the weekly schedule.
  • Post-game socializing will be limited to 40 minutes (except late draws) in order to remain under the mandated maximum indoor crowd size of 50 people. Curlers should not arrive earlier than 20 minutes before their game starts.
  • New cleaning procedures will result in rigorous cleaning and continuous disinfecting in all areas.
  • New signage and floor markings will direct traffic flow throughout the building.
  • The lower lounge will be used for pre-game staging. Most tables and chairs will be removed.
  • The upper lounge will be used for post-game socializing. Tables and chairs have been arranged to allow for maximum distancing.
  • London City Council recently passed a temporary by-law, on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, which requires residents to wear a mask or face covering in all public indoor spaces. Masks must be worn at all times within our facilities (in the arena, lounges, locker rooms, washrooms etc.) with the following exceptions:
    • Our local public health unit permits the "temporary removal of a Face Covering as necessary for the consumption of food and drink". As such, masks will not be required (optional) while you are seated at a table upstairs. A mask must be worn when you leave the table for any reason.
    • Our local public health unit permits the "temporary removal of a Face Covering as necessary for actively engaging in an athletic or fitness activity". Masks must be worn in the arena, and although we strongly encourage the wearing of a mask at all times, a mask may be temporarily removed if necessary while sweeping or delivering a rock.
    • Our local public health unit permits the "temporary removal of a Face Covering as necessary for any emergency or medical purpose".
  • Lockers—Come dressed ready to curl. Change your shoes only. No items to be left in lockers.
  • Further details will be communicated as the new season approaches.

 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

 Registration letter from our President

 Our Waiver

 COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance

PLAYING THE GAME (Curling Canada)

  • No pre/post game handshakes. Use a wave or broom tap instead.
  • No coin flips. Use Rock/Paper/Scissors instead.
  • ONLY one (1) sweeper for a delivered stone. This sweeper has control of the rock until it reaches the back line. No other teammate or opposition player may sweep ANY stones.
  • Assign one (1) individual to handle all scoring. That way only one person will be touching the number cards which will be sanitized after each draw.
  • After each end one member from each team will push the rocks back using feet and brooms only. The order/position of the rocks is not important.

Review the following game flow diagram for player positions.

Ready to Deliver Stone is Delivered


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