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Mixed Club Champions

Mixed Club Champions

2023-2024 Fiona Muirhead   Roger Kuiken   Karen McClary   Scott Muirhead    
2022-2023 Fiona Muirhead   Roger Kuiken    Karen McClary    Scott Muirhead    
2021-2022 Brian Arnold Melissa Neeb Dan Neeb Kim Randell  
2018-2019 Lonnie Berry Barbara Kearns Bruce Thom Cindy Thom  
2017-2018 Dave Beckett Sue Beckett Paul Reily Claudette Reily  
2016-2017 Lonnie Berry Barbara Kearns Bruce Thom Cindy Thom  
2015-2016 Terry Walker Robin Walker Jason Laroque Lori-Ann Halpenny  
2014-2015 Terry Walker Kristen Mcdonald Jason Laroque Lori-Ann Halpenny  
2013-2014 Dan Yurkewich Emilee Girard Lyndon Rey Kristen McDonald  
2012-2013 Mike Williams Linda Barker Ken Barker Theresa Brydon  
2011-2012 Don Dudley Marj Dudley Bill McIntyre Mary Blasl  
2010-2011 David Beckett Susan Beckett Tom Zavitz Sandy Bradford-Zavitz  
2009-2010 Phil Williams Sandra Williams Jeff Thompson Sandy Bradford-Zavitz  
2008-2009 Mike Williams Elizabeth Sullivan Ken Barker Linda Barker  
2007-2008 Tom Zavitz Susan Beckett David Beckett Sandy Bradford-Zavitz  
2006-2007 Jim Fitzpatrick Deanne Fitzpatrick Bruce Thom Cindy Thom  
2005-2006 Rick Hofstetter Mary Hicks Peggy Kelly Sheila Hofstetter  
2004-2005 Richard Greenfield Nancy Myers Marshall Myers Heather Greenfield  
2003-2004 Dave Heinrichs Beth Heinrichs Des Lackey Colleen Sullivan  
2002-2003 Mike Williams Kelly Smith Colin Smith Elizabeth Sullivan  
2001-2002 Mike Williams Colleen Sullivan Fran Walczak Elizabeth Sullivan  
2000-2001 Mike Williams Colleen Sullivan Elizabeth Sullivan Fran Walczak  
1999-2000 Brad Lowry Anita Litner James Bromiley Stephanie Bromiley  
1998-1999 Greg Lewis Dawn Lewis Steve Elder Licia Elder  
1997-1998 Greg Lewis Dawn Lewis Steve Elder Licia Elder  
1996-1997 Dave Mann Lisa Flesher Jeff Flesher Helen Mann  
1995-1996 Bob Kerwin Christine Ledreff Richard Greenfield Heather Greenfield  

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London Curling Club

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The London Curling Club is situated in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada, a busy city with a population of over 423,000 located halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The club has six sheets of great curling ice, a recently renovated and air-conditioned lounge area, an upstairs lounge with a full kitchen, and plenty of parking.

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