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Men's Club Champions

Men's Club Champions

2023-2024 Enzo Martone Blaine Chronik Derek McClary Gord Browne  
2022-2023  David Ross  Greg Lewis David Johnston Ken Buchan  
2021-2022 Bob Kerwin Ken Teasdale Ron McLennan Bob Wakefield  
2018-2019 Andy Gray Andrew Hemphill Frank Myslik Mathius Fricot  
2017-2018 David Ross Dave Johnston Brian Piper Greg Lewis David Beckett
2016-2017 Bon Kerwin Ron McLennan Ken Teasdale Terry Crawford Bob Wakefield
2015-2016 Tim Lindsay David Ross Bob McKinley Bob Bourdeau  
2014-2015 Dave Beckett Tom Zavitz Paul Reily Greg Lewis  
2013-2014 Tim Lindsay Kirk Massey Mark Flynn Bob Bourdeau  
2012-2013 Terry Walker Jason Larocque Paul Poole Terry Nelson  
2011-2012 Tim Lindsay Kirk Massey Shawn Quigg Mark Flynn  
2010-2011 Dave Mann Don Rawlings / Kirk Massey Chris Sherman Bruce Thom  
2009-2010 Dave Beckett Tom Zavitz Paul Reily Chris Thompson  
2008-2009 Dave Beckett Tom Zavitz Paul Reily Chris Thompson  
2007-2008 Jeff Armstrong Chris Thompson Chris Borek Kevin Hopper  
2006-2007 Ean MacDonald Dave Heinrichs Ted Ellwood Bob Bourdeau  
2005-2006 Mike Sheppard Brian Parsons Dan Mudry Bill Ewing  
2004-2005 Mike Sheppard Brian Parsons Jeff Doherty Dan Mudry  
2003-2004 Dave Heinrichs Ted Ellwood Des Lackey Greg Lewis  
2002-2003 Don Rawlings Glenn MacDonald Ron Fliss Doug Shorten  
2001-2002 Derek Popkes Kirk Massey John Sturgeon Doug Weir  
2000-2001 Kevin Breivik Greg Lewis Dave Dyment Dave Beckett  
1999-2000 James Bromily Brad Lowry Josh Firman John Jackson  
1998-1999 Steve Elder Greg Lewis Dave Dyment Dave Beckett  
1997-1998 Kevin Breivik Kirk Ziola Gord McArthur Scott Arnold  
1996-1997 Kevin Breivik Kirk Ziola Ted Smith Scott Arnold  
1995-1996 Kirk Ziola Kevin Breivik Ted Smith Scott Arnold  
1994-1995 Joe Fanset Dale Fanset Jeff Lewis Greg Lewis  
1993-1994 Peter Rudland Fred Justy Dan McInnes Lu Kuzych  
1992-1993 Paul Purves Darryl Nodwell Andrew Fletcher Brad Lowry  
1991-1992 Butch Teasdale Terry Moir Gord Dirk Peter Rudland  
1990-1991 Glen Gordon Ken Baute Peter Hayman Steve Doyle  
1989-1990 Bill Dunlop Mitch Czaja Ron Fliss Doug Shorten  
1988-1989 Bill Dunlop Mitch Czaja Ron Fliss Doug Shorten  
1987-1988 Paul Purves Al Dashford Shawn McElhinney Greg McLaren  
1986-1987 Jim Fitzpatrick Garry Cruickshank Ken Walmsley Harry Steele  
1985-1986 Butch Teasdale Ken Teasdale George Kuprenas Rick Horban  
1984-1985 Rick Allum John Mullen Tom Brown Kerry Benson  
1983-1984 Ric Lackey Don Rawlings Paul Pergau Kirk Ruebsam  
1982-1983 Ric Lackey Paul Pergau Don Rawlings Don Ramsden  
1981-1982 Ray Sweeney John Burness Ken Kreiger Doug Jamieson  
1980-1981 Mike Walker Mike Ash Bob Freel Flo Kuchynski  
1979-1980 Rick Allum Rick Uhrig Tom Brown Kerry Benson  
1978-1979 Rick Allum Kerry Benson Glenn MacDonald Murray Maltby  
1977-1978 Lloyd Guest Rick Corcoran Mitch Czaja Rod Parker  
1976-1977 Ken Buchan Rick Allum Blake Fisher Bruce Paterson  
1975-1976 Russ Miller G. Quick R. Demchuck G. McQuaig  
1974-1975 Bill Dunlop Jim Dickson Ron Fliss Paul Moreau  

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The London Curling Club is situated in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada, a busy city with a population of over 423,000 located halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The club has six sheets of great curling ice, a recently renovated and air-conditioned lounge area, an upstairs lounge with a full kitchen, and plenty of parking.

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