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Memberships & Fees

Membership of the London Curling Club requires payment of the Membership Fee according to your category PLUS the League Fee for each league that you want to join. Some categories also require the addition of a Capital Fee and an OCA Fee (Ontario Curling Association).  An optional Locker Fee may be added. Finally, HST is charged on the subtotal.

Membership Fees

CategoryMembership FeeCapital FeeOCAHST
Adult $331.00 $60.00 $10.00 +
Learn To Curl (1st Year) $331.00     +
Learn To Curl 3-Month Program (when available) $168.00     +
Learn To Curl (after 1st Year) $331.00 $60.00 $10.00 +
Intermediate U30 (as of October 1 , 2022) $276.00 $60.00 $10.00 +
Post-Secondary Under-30 (with valid full time student card) $248.00   $10.00 +
U15 & U18 (ages 13 to 18) $165.00   $10.00 +
U12 (3-month session; ages 9 to 12)  $60.00     +
Social (non-curling) $33.60     +
  HST + 13%

League Fees

There is no cap on the number of leagues you play in ...the more you play, the more you pay.

LeagueLeague FeeGame FeeHST
Women's Daytime Social - Tuesday $132.50   +
Women's Daytime Social - Thursday $132.50   +
Daily Open (Weekday Social) $132.50  + $5.50/game after 20 games +
Winexpert $132.50   +
Miller $132.50   +
Thompson Social (Open) $132.50   +
Tuesday Mixed (Open) $132.50   +
Mid-week Daytime Open $132.50   +
Wednesday Evening Open $132.50   +
Teasdale $132.50   +
Rolling Stones $132.50   +
Business Women $132.50   +
Learn-to-Curl $132.50   +
Learn To Curl 3-Month Program (when available) $68.00   +
WDS Teams $132.50   +
Friday Mixed $132.50   +
Thames Valley $132.50   +
Western Mixed $132.50   +
Sunday Mixed (Open) $132.50   +
  HST + 13%

Locker Fee

Any member may request a locker. Lockers are subject to availability. The fee is $30.00 (add 13% HST)

5 & 6 Person Teams

All members of a 5 or 6 person team must pay the full League Fee. The Skip (or team designate) may request a refund of the fees paid by the 5th and 6th team member(s). Funds will be reimbursed to the designated team member and the funds shall be distributed among the team members as determined by the team.


All members, other than Social (non-curling), will be able to spare as often as they like with no limits.

Future Changes to the Fee Schedule

Base Membership Fees and League Registration Fees will increase each year to cover inflationary costs. This percentage will be determined by the Board each year. Capital Fees and Locker Fees will also be confirmed by the Board each year. The OCA Fee will be calculated by applying the CurlON fee structure to our facility and expected membership numbers.

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League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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About The Club

The London Curling Club is situated in the heart of London, Ontario, Canada, a busy city with a population of over 423,000 located halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The club has six sheets of great curling ice, a recently renovated and air-conditioned lounge area, an upstairs lounge with a full kitchen, and plenty of parking.

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